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Retail Tech Update #2 — Why Nike Said Goodbye to Amazon

In this issue, we’ll take a look at how Nike said goodbye to Amazon, why Sephora is the most personalized retail brand 3 years in a row, and how a bias in AI caused discrimination against women.  How Sephora Gets Personalization Right Historically, too many brands have...

How Retail Media are Adapting to the Digital Age

Global consumers are cheating on brands and flirting with new ones; a recent study by Nielsen suggests. Only 8% of consumers are loyal to the brands they purchase and as a result, the majority of purchasing decisions are made at or near the point of...

Transforming shopping history into customer insights

Reading customers' minds is not easy. But with so many unique lifestyles, dietary trends, constantly changing preferences, and new brands introduced every week, it looks like retailers don't have any other choice. The good news is that with all the available customer data, it should...