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SO1’s Research Wins EHI Retail Science Award 2020

Science and research have always been at the core of all our endeavors. We collaborate with prestigious universities such as MIT, Chicago Booth and ETH Zürich to devise truly state-of-the-art technologies and funnel them into retail practice. As a result of this fundamental research work,...

A Machine Learning Approach to Grocery Promotion

The common understanding is that AI is a black box that devours data and spits decisions at scale. But is it possible to use it to visualize data from billions of shopping baskets into a simple product map that will allow us to see how...

How Retail Media are Adapting to the Digital Age

Global consumers are cheating on brands and flirting with new ones; a recent study by Nielsen suggests. Only 8% of consumers are loyal to the brands they purchase and as a result, the majority of purchasing decisions are made at or near the point of...

Transforming shopping history into customer insights

Reading customers' minds is not easy. But with so many unique lifestyles, dietary trends, constantly changing preferences, and new brands introduced every week, it looks like retailers don't have any other choice. The good news is that with all the available customer data, it should...