My first days at SO1

My first days of a beautiful journey were full of excitement and fascination for SO1, my new colleagues and this new life itself.

So how it all started. Here I am in one of Berlin’s most vibrant districts walking down the lively street with its various cosy restaurants and shops with a great feeling that a new chapter in my life is just about to start. But wouldn’t you agree that for someone who is fresh out of college there is bound to be both excitement and anxiety when starting a new job?

Any anxiety I was feeling disappeared into thin air when our beloved team assistant gave me a very warm welcome that immediately put me at ease. My internship at SO1 began on a Monday, so I joined the “Monday Breakfast”. The whole team meets in the kitchen – or on our lovely rooftop terrace in summer – and has breakfast together, prepared by our office manager. During these breakfasts, we not only discuss job-related topics, but we also share weekend stories with each other. That’s how I got to know my colleagues. I felt ready to begin an interesting journey – ready to be a part of SO1.

Breakfast at SO1 – Yummy

As we all know, for every company – it all starts with people, and I was amazed by the great people I got to know. Extremely smart, willing to both share their knowledge – whether that means organizing a workshop or having a quick chat in the kitchen – and learn. Great minds eager to take up a new challenge.

The company atmosphere deserves a special attention when talking about SO1. Of course the team events and the generally friendly and supportive environment create a pleasant place to go into work each day. However, what also makes SO1 culture so cool and outstanding is a great sense of purpose that is clear and direct. Everyone is excited and passionate about their work and driven towards a common goal. And this is highly valued by the team. I realized that even during my onboarding, when I had my 1:1s to get to know the company better and later when I started working myself. Thanks to the support of my colleagues back then, I acclimated quickly and can now share the SO1 spirit with others.

Teamevents at SO1

Jumping ahead slightly, during the very first week at SO1 I was also lucky enough to join the first BBQ of the season on our rooftop. Everyone got together to soak up the beautiful weather, try out great food prepared by our colleagues and enjoy the pleasant conversation about anything and everything. This was followed by a summer party, team lunches and occasional evening get-togethers in our lovely kitchen, a Christmas party, and many more informal events.

Rooftop at SO1

Looking back on these first seven months of me being a part of SO1, I realize that I still experience the same emotions of excitement and happiness. And more is yet to come!


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