Retail Tech Update #3: Why Shoppers Avoid Loyalty Programs

In the first issue of Retail Update in 2020, we’ll learn about Amazon’s plans to open stores in Germany, explain why personalization on mobile is twice as important as on desktop, and sum up the monumental progress that has been made in Deep Learning in the last decade.

Amazon Considers Opening Stores in Germany

Amazon is considering opening stores in Germany, its second biggest market after the United States, the company’s head in the country claims. Read more >>

NRF 2020: Top 5 Takeaways

Has retail technology become more down-to-earth? This year’s NRF has featured less hyper-futuristic ideas and more practical solutions such as AI-driven personalization, dynamic pricing, and promotion personalization. For us at SO1, this only confirms that we are going in the right direction towards individualized marketing that is relevant and impactful.  Read more >>

This is What Keeps Customers from Joining Retail Loyalty Programs

According to a new study, consumers tend to avoid loyalty programs mostly because they don’t see enough value in them (39%) or have privacy concerns (53%). Individualized AI targeting can help with both — increase value thanks to relevancy and lower privacy concerns thanks to reduction of data needed to sign up. The AI will simply learn everything it needs from transactions. Read more >>

Top 5 Factors that Impacted Online Grocery Businesses in 2019

In 2019, brick-and-mortar still drove the vast majority of grocery sales, yet online maintained its meteoric rise. An interesting infographics by Nielsen depicts some of the main online grocery shopping trends observed in 2019 that will likely keep going. Read more >>

Study: This Channel is in Vogue for Holiday Fashion Shoppers

A new study suggests that in the fashion industry, mobile accounts on average for 67% of traffic vs. 28% for Desktop. However, Mobile conversion rates are still half of those on Desktop. Mobile users are much less forgiving when it comes to irrelevance as smartphones are often used in a dynamic environment and suffer from small display area. This makes Mobile personalization even more important than on desktops. Read more >>

The Decade of Deep Learning

It’s worth taking a look back at the monumental progress that has been made in Deep Learning in this decade. Driven by the development of ever-more powerful compute and the increased availability of big data, Deep Learning has begun to see real-world application everywhere around us, from the high-impact to the frivolous, from autonomous vehicles and medical imaging to virtual assistants and deepfakes. Read more >>


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