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The SO1 Supermarket Gym – What’s next

Applying the SO1 Supermarket Gym in software integration projects and upcoming research projects This is the last part of our interview series with Sebastian, our Chief AI Officer, on the Supermarket Gym. So far, we have covered: Part 1: Introduction to the Supermarket Gym – what it...

The SO1 Supermarket Gym – Fundamental Research

In our previous blog posts, we introduced the Supermarket Gym, a tool to simulate the shopping behaviour of individual customers. So far, Sebastian, our Chief AI Officer at SO1 (Segment of One), has explained the following: Part 1: Introduction to the Supermarket Gym – what it is and...

The SO1 Supermarket Gym – simulating behaviors and choices

How SO1 simulates individual shopper behaviors and choices with the Supermarket Gym We’re often asked what distinguishes SO1 (Segment of One) from other solution providers. One core aspect is our fundamental research work, which is closely tied to academic research. The following interview (edited for clarity...

SO1 AI – leading technology for leading results in retail

Massive impact of AI for retail The importance of AI in marketing has grown immensely in recent years: according to Forbes Magazine, 86% of marketing leaders believe that artificial intelligence will revolutionize marketing by 2020. McKinsey recently analyzed the potential impact of AI per industry. The...