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How consumers respond to regular price promotions

When scanning through leaflets, do you really scrutinize all the offers or do you just search for the two or three products you usually buy to see if maybe they’re on sale this particular week? Take, for example, Nutella. Your kids love it and, let’s...

Rule-based targeting versus an AI solution for email recommendations

The partner: The international company is one of the top providers of customer intelligence solutions with worldwide business activities. It serves over 1,200 organizations, among them 15 of the world’s 25 largest grocery retailers and thousands of retail brands. The task: For two years, the partner has provided...

The grocery tech landscape 2018

Helping retailers grow with the latest technology The grocery retail market is becoming more and more digital- and data-focussed, attracting solution providers to offer innovations and new use cases. In order to not lose the overview, the recently published Grocery Tech Map 2018 can help...

The top 7 AI solutions for retail you shouldn’t miss

The top 7 AI solutions for retail you shouldn’t miss

AI is driving customer experience For a few years now, artificial intelligence has influenced and enhanced many parts of our everyday life. The most prominent examples include what happens when you search for anything via Google, how Facebook filters content on your news feed and...

Grocery shopping in 2017 – consumer, where art thou?

Grocery shopping in 2017 – consumer, where art thou?

In the brick-and-mortar retail industry it seems that everyone is largely self-absorbed and the focus is almost exclusively on the poor industry side, fighting for their existence, trying to prevent a meltdown due to e-commerce. Many companies nowadays are providing solutions with state-of-the-art technologies in...

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