Designed with impact for retailers in mind, our proprietary AI, the SO1 Engine, personalizes promotions in real-time and across communication channels.

These promotions can be product recommendations, recipes, coupons, ads, and the like. They are selected, ranked and adjusted within an individual promotion feed to best match a consumer’s preferences, purchase likelihood and willingness-to-pay for each product in a store with the retailer’s revenue, profit, and consumer satisfaction goals.

Thereby, our powerful SO1 Engine combines features commonly known from Targeting, Recommendation and Discount Optimization Engines.

Impressive Results

Our individual and highly-efficient promotions deliver impressive results for our partners – proven by robust A/B testing methodologies, verified POS sales data from 450 retail partner stores, and based on 100 million promotion feeds and 1 million unique users.


Average basket size per user


Higher redemption


Margin via reduced price-offs


Research shows: Today’s weekly circulars, coupons and FSIs don’t break even. Up to ⅔ of budgets are wasted on price promotions that offer the wrong discounts to the wrong customers. That is why we have developed the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence for consumer goods retailers – to fight the inefficiency of today’s promotions.

The SO1 Engine deeply understands customers’ preferences and is able to influence their purchase decisions in the most efficient way possible.

Our solutions put this powerful knowledge at the retailer’s disposal, enabling them to deliver to their customers smart individualized offers and appealing content – while driving significant increases in the retailer’s revenue and profit.


Highly relevant, individualized promotions for customers across all channels

So1 loves Brands

Highly attractive promotion tool for
brand collaborations

So1 increase revenue

Significant increase of revenue, profit and
customer satisfaction

Easy campaign management via
Dashboards & APIs

Increased basket sizes and same store sales

For each individual customer, the SO1 Engine considers preferences, willingness-to-pay and purchase probability per product. The SO1 Engine then determines the best combination of product, time and discount per customer, aligned with the retailer’s objectives and restrictions.



35, married, two children
living on a limited budget

So1 AI Greg


58, single, no children
living on a good salary

The most advanced AI for retail

We have invested an 8-figure $ amount in next-generation retail technology and 5 years of research in our highly specialized AI. It is continuously improved by the best talents from physics, mathematics, biology, machine learning and other fields of science.

With SO1, retailers now have a cutting-edge technology and fully automated system at their fingertips – integrated into their POS systems and campaign management tools.

Easily integrated into your 1:1 communication

Our highly relevant, individualized offers are delivered through all 1:1 channels available to the retailer, e.g. apps, check-out printers or websites.

Happy partners

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