Impact proven by rigorous A/B testing at all retailers we work with. The power of individual promotions allows retailers to change the allocation of their promotion budgets for the better.

SO1 boosts the ROI of promotions

Thanks to our advanced targeting, recommendation and discount optimization capabilities, we can significantly increase the ROI of today’s circulars, coupons and FSIs.

ROI per €1 invested via SO1 compared to conventional promotion channels.

Coupon Circular SO1 Promotion

So1 is effective from Day 1 on and pays for itself

We train our Engine on historical basket data before we roll it out, which means we can deliver value from day 1 of implementation.
This has been confirmed by the retailers’ controlling departments.

Pilot So1 yourself!

SO1 delivers continuous improvements via algorithmic learning & fundamental research

The SO1 system automatically adapts over time achieving better and better results the longer it runs. We also regularly make fundamental improvements to the SO1 Engine based on scientific research – such as integrating neural networks.

SO1 outperforms existing solutions

With one retailer, we directly compared SO1’s Optimized Discounts solution to the retailer’s experts’ approach of heuristic targeting. The result: on average, total discounts granted to customers were 60% lower per product with SO1 – and redemption rates were 8 times higher.


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