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SO1 is one of the driving forces of retailer digitalization:

Our powerful artificial intelligence truly understands what customers want and translates those insights into optimized promotional offers. SO1 helps retailers to better allocate their precious budgets.

The process is fully automated and aligned with the retailer’s objectives.


SO1 ranks existing promotional
offers and content according to individual preferences.

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SO1 ranks offers AND adjusts individual discounts on a product to match a customer’s willingness-to-pay.

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SO1 enables retailers to generate revenue with brands using its programmatic promotions platform.

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Our SO1 Engine creates a feed of content by ranking product-related information such as offers from circulars, coupons, product launches, and recipes according to a customer’s individual preferences and the retailer’s goals. The output is optimized to maximize customer satisfaction, redemption probability, and store sales.

Potential use cases include:

  • Customers receive a preview of the most suitable offers from next week’s circular printed on their receipt – to drive store traffic
  • Customers receive personalized content according to their preferences – to drive usage
  • SO1 improves the targeting of check-out and other coupons – to drive redemption rates


Untargeted and unranked: Circulars, FSIs, Coupons


Promotional offers targeted and ranked by customer preferences

Optimized Discounts

SO1’s Optimized Discounts utilize the full potential of our AI – and require very little manual configuration.

Based on a predefined pool of promotional offers, the SO1 Engine selects, ranks and adjusts these offers to match a customer’s willingness-to-pay and to increase his or her purchase likelihood – in alignment with the retailers goals.

Individual discounts that match a customer’s willingness-to-pay significantly improve retailers’ profits. The SO1 Engine is also capable of determining if a customer will purchase campaign products anyway and thus drives truly incremental sales.



35, married, two children
living on a limited budget

So1 AI Greg


58, single, no children
living on a good salary

Programmatic Promotions

SO1 provides retailers with a white label self-service platform for manufacturer brands, utilizing SO1’s full AI targeting and optimization power. SO1’s Programmatic Promotions make it possible to revamp the way promotions are executed – with retailers retaining full control and generating new revenues with brands.

Brands can easily launch, manage and track AI-powered campaigns in real-time and according to their specific needs, like generating trial sales and brand switching.

Brands love to allocate budgets to SO1’s Programmatic Promotions, as they offer an unparalleled ROI thanks to better-targeted offers, individually optimized discounts and a performance-based bidding model.

Get to know 9 reasons for personalizing discounts with AI.

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    • So1 provides a technology and self-service platform for brands
    • Unparalleled ROI for brands and a Google-adwords like targeting
    • Retailers can put brands on hold, thus retaining full control
    • Retailers’ goals can be prioritized over brand goals
    • Retailers keep the data, brands can only access aggregated data

How to implement SO1

SO1 supports retailers implementing SO1’s solutions with a team of experienced Project and IT Operations Managers, a streamlined integration process, and easy-to-implement APIs.

5 steps need to be considered:

    How did customers behave in the past?
    SO1 needs an initial >1 year historical line-item basket data delivery with and without loyalty card IDs, in order to train the SO1 Engine. Information about campaigns and circular offers of the past helps.
    What to personalize?
    In the case of our product Optimized Discounts SO1 needs a set of campaigns (“Campaign Pool”) of 300+ campaigns with GTIN/UPC codes and maximum discounts, to pick from and personalize per customer. Our other products do not require the retailer to set up any specific campaigns.
    How to communicate?
    SO1 needs a medium to deliver the personalized campaigns to customers. This can typically be a checkout printer, an app, a third party messenger, a kiosk system or a newsletter.
    How to incentivise?
    SO1 needs a method to apply individual discounts to customers. This can be an existing couponing redemption logic where SO1 injects instantiations or SO1’s own cloud redemption engine.
    Basket Data Delivery
    SO1 needs to receive real-time (or nightly) basket data deliveries to learn from customer behaviour, update consumer preferences and optimize for the retailer’s goals.

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