Understanding customer preferences

The innovative concept behind SO1’s Software-as-a-Service solution to grocery retail is simple – SO1’s AI understands with high precision if and what customers will buy without personalized offers and then which offers would increase basket size or trigger an additional shopping trip at any discount level.

With its unique ability to understand consumers’ preferences, even for categories or products that customers have never been observed buying, it can unify two seemingly contradictory objectives: to serve customers with offers they truly prefer and add additional items or shopping trips for the retailer at efficient discounts.

Creating personalized promotions

We believe that a perfect promotional offer should appeal to:

the individuality of your target consumer – i.e. a personalized experience in terms of product selection, discount, timing, and communication

your fundamental (and dynamic) objectives – i.e. increasing store traffic, winning customers back, driving incremental sales, pushing underrepresented categories, improving margins, reducing promotional spendings as well as internal efforts to create and manage offers

your brands' goals – such as gaining market share, supporting product launches, and outperforming the return on investment of traditional promotional options, allowing you to attract continued investments from brands


Applying the most advanced AI for retail

The SO1 Engine harnesses the latest in scientific advancements and cutting-edge machine-learning algorithms to create a dynamic artificial intelligence (AI) capable of processing an immense amount of data instantaneously.

The state-of-the-art software anonymously tracks shoppers’ purchasing habits and preferences in real time in order to predict which promotions would be most attractive to the consumer with unprecedented precision, accuracy, and efficiency.

Proven Impact

Where SO1 works best

SO1’s system was designed with grocery, drugstore and similar retailers in mind. But it can also be applied in all scenarios in which consumers make repeated decisions on consumer goods.

How to implement the SO1 Engine

SO1 supports various communication channels, making it flexible in terms of integration into existing systems, tools and processes, and can also be employed to adapt to different business goals. For customers, redeeming individualized coupons is as simple as downloading an app, or scanning a card at a free-standing kiosk.

Despite the complexity of the programming behind the scenes, SO1’s AI can be installed and operational within 3 months. SO1’s experienced integration teams proactively support you throughout the streamlined integration process.

SO1 services are hosted on Microsoft Azure

Working with retailers in real-time with millions of operations every day requires high performance and an absolutely reliable system. Moreover, information at the basket or item level is very sensitive data for all retailers. Here are some of the reasons why SO1 chose to work with Microsoft Azure* by default:

    with low round-trip latency and till processing times.
    for various business types and not part of the retail market competition.
    against cyber- and physical attacks.
    with an SLA backed uptime of 99.9%.
    of +100 data centers and expertise on security law compliance.

* SO1 is a certified co-selling partner
of Microsoft Inc.

5 steps needed to start personalized promotions

    How did customers behave in the past?
    SO1 requires some baseline data in order to train its engine – information about previous campaigns and circular offers helps guide future outputs.
    What to personalize?
    Certain packages, like SO1’s Optimized Discounts, are based on sets of preconfigured campaign pools, whereas others require no specific campaign setup by the retailer.
    How to communicate?
    SO1 delivers personalized campaigns to customers through a variety of mediums – check-out printer, app, third party messenger, a kiosk system or newsletter.
    How to incentivise?
    SO1’s clients determine an appropriate method to deliver individual discounts to their customers – either through an existing coupon redemption procedure or by making use of SO1’s cloud redemption engine.
    Basket Data Delivery
    Receiving basket data, either in real time or nightly, allows SO1 to stay on top of customer behavior and consumer preferences, while simultaneously optimizing promotions to meet retailers’ goals.

SO1 Life Cycle