Personalized Promotions tailored to your needs

We combine academic research with latest technology to provide retailers with proven AI solutions. These solutions grow your baskets, cut your promotional costs, reduce the effort needed to manage promotions, and increase your customer’s satisfaction and loyalty.


Our artificial intelligence tracks your customers’ purchasing habits in order to produce attractive and individually-targeted retail promotions. The process is fully automated and tailored to meet your objectives and impact your business results.

Smart Recommendations

SO1 ranks existing promotional offers and content according to individual preferences.

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SO1 ranks offers AND adjusts individual discounts to match a customer’s willingness-to-pay.

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Programmatic Promotions

SO1 enables retailers to generate revenue with brands using its programmatic promotions platform.

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SO1 Solutions Attribution+

Attribution+ (codeveloped with GfK)

The first AI-based tool to tell who your customers are and how they shop – even at your competitors.

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Smart Recommendations

The SO1 Engine synthesizes product-related information gathered from your circulars, coupons, product launches, or even recipes to produce and rank content that maximizes customer satisfaction, redemption probability, and store sales.



Untargeted and unranked:
Circulars, FSIs, Coupons

Promotional offers targeted and ranked
by customer preferences

Optimized Discounts

Based on a predefined pool of promotional offers, the SO1 Engine selects, ranks and adjusts offers to match a customer’s unique preferences, needs and willingness-to-pay.

This will increase the likelihood of purchasing a specific item, but will also avoid substitution of planned purchases. In total, these personalized promotions will significantly drive incremental sales and increase retailers’ profits.

Programmatic Brand Promotions

Programmatic Brand Promotions help you best monetize your retail media channels and purchase data – without losing control.

Step 1: You grant selected brands access to the platform.

Step 2: Brands can easily launch, manage and track AI-powered campaigns in real-time and according to their specific needs – e.g. to generate trial or make consumers switch brands. As the platform is connected to your CRM, it enriches targeting criteria with a consumer’s purchase history to support the brand’s goals – without sharing that data with the brand.

Step 3: The SO1 Engine will then derive automated decisions of what to offer to an individual consumer, taking into consideration all available promotions.


The first AI-based tool to tell who your individual customers are and how they shop – even at your competitors. Powerful algorithms translate observed shopping baskets into valuable customer intelligence thanks to GfK panel data.

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All decisions are rooted in a deep understanding of the consumer’s behavior, preferences, purchase likelihood, and willingness-to-pay. They are optimized for your own and the brand’s financial goals – resulting in unparalleled KPIs – thus attracting additional investments from brands.


    • SO1 provides a technology and self-service platform for brands
    • Unparalleled ROI for brands and a Google-adwords like targeting
    • Retailers can put brands on hold, thus retaining full control
    • Retailers’ goals can be prioritized over brand goals
    • Retailers keep the data, brands can only access aggregated data

Whitepaper: 7  business cases of using AI for retail promotion targeting

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Our major advantages compared to today’s targeting engines

We have invested an 8-figure $ amount in next-generation retail technology and 5 years of research in our highly specialized AI. But next to significant differences in features, we also believe that the major pillars of our corporate culture are driving our performance: a tech savvy team, strong ties to science, full focus on grocery and drug retail, and our fierce determination to craft the future of retail.

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