Award-winning technology

We collaborate with renowned research institutes to develop state-of-the-art solutions and transfer them into retail practice. As a result, the research behind our technology has been awarded the prestigious EHI Science Prize 2020 and published by the Journal of Marketing Research.

Research partners

Growing baskets & profits – fighting inefficiencies

Today, the average shopper has become immune to the bombardment of mass-produced coupons and offers. As a result, 59% of promotions globally don’t break even (Nielsen, 2016) – with retailers wasting billions on the wrong consumers, substitute offers, and exaggerated discounts.


of promotions
don’t break even


switch vendors for
more personalization

Today’s consumers prefer streamlined, “me-focused” lifestyles over cluttered and spam-filled inboxes. The time has come for retailers to evolve the methods by which they truly connect with each individual customer again. Because 67% of customers have already switched vendors for a more consumer-like experience (SalesForce, 2018).

Our AI-based solution delivers precisely this personalized promotion experience via a fully autonomous and self-learning promotion channel that efficiently influences individual purchase decisions, flexibly adapts to your financial goals, and scales to millions of individual customers’ needs at the push of a button! Thus, SO1 supports 76% of consumers that expect companies to understand their needs and expectations (SalesForce, 2018).


optimized for a retailer’s goals

based on deep customer understanding


expect companies to
understand their needs

Impressive Results

From day 1 after integration, SO1 delivers measurable impact on your financial goals – essentially paying for itself.

More than half a dozen major grocery and drugstore retailers in the U.S. and Germany have already taken advantage of the SO1 solution, resulting in millions of optimized offers, incremental revenues and increased profits to date.


Net profit per $1 invested.

Depending on the chosen SO1 solution, number of consumers targeted and other assumptions.


Basket size increase per user.

Average of all retailers.


Higher redemption uplift.

Compared to leading AI solution from retail consultancy implemented at major US grocery retailer (15 week AB test).


Less discount

Compared to expert based system implemented at major German grocery retailer (8 week AB test).

Why retailers choose us

SO1 has built the world’s most advanced AI for retail. This AI deeply understands each individual customer’s behavior, preferences, purchase likelihood and willingness-to-pay. Thus it is able to autonomously influence purchase decisions with unparalleled efficiency. With proven success.

Highly relevant, individualized promotions

Optimized for a retailer’s goals

Solution pays for itself

Impacts top and bottom line significantly

Scales with the push of a button

Designed for omni-channel communication