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SO1 AI – leading technology for leading results in retail

Massive impact of AI for retail The importance of AI in marketing has grown immensely in recent years: according to Forbes Magazine, 86% of marketing leaders believe that artificial intelligence will revolutionize marketing by 2020. McKinsey recently analyzed the potential impact of AI per industry. The...

The grocery tech landscape 2018

Helping retailers grow with the latest technology The grocery retail market is becoming more and more digital- and data-focussed, attracting solution providers to offer innovations and new use cases. In order to not lose the overview, the recently published Grocery Tech Map 2018 can help...

The top 7 AI solutions for retail you shouldn’t miss

The top 7 AI solutions for retail you shouldn’t miss

AI is driving customer experience For a few years now, artificial intelligence has influenced and enhanced many parts of our everyday life. The most prominent examples include what happens when you search for anything via Google, how Facebook filters content on your news feed and...