SO1 pays for itself

The best news first: Thanks to SO1’s performance-based pricing and its outstanding results, all three solutions – Smart Recommendations, Optimized Discounts, and Programmatic Brand Promotions – pay for themselves. Regardless of the setting – even with conservative performance assumptions – the incremental profit will far exceed SO1’s fees.

    • Exemplary retailers: Hy-Vee and Giant Eagle in the US, Waitrose in the UK
    • Yearly revenue: $5-10 billion
    • Baskets with offers: 25%
    • Incremental revenue via SO1: $22.2M
    • Net profit (after SO1 fees): $2.5M

    • Exemplary retailers: Publix in the US, Loblaw’s in Canada, or ASDA in the UK
    • Yearly revenue: $25-35 billion
    • Baskets with offers: 10%
    • Incremental revenue via SO1: $35.5M
    • Net profit (after SO1 fees): $4.4M

    • Exemplary retailers: Target or Albertsons in the US, or Tesco in the UK
    • Yearly revenue: $60-70 billion
    • Baskets with offers: 25%
    • Incremental revenue via SO1: $164.0M
    • Net profit (after SO1 fees): $12.7M

Impact on your top and bottom lines

Retailers across the U.S. and Germany have already taken advantage of the SO1 Solution, resulting in millions of optimized offers to date. On average, retailers see +15.8% incremental revenues and +36.4% increased profits. This impact of individual promotions has been proven by rigorous A/B testing at all participating retailers.

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Effective from day 1

Immediately after installation, SO1 delivers measurable impact and tangible results. We train our SO1 Engine on historical basket data before roll-out, which ensures value is delivered from day 1 of implementation – as confirmed by participating retailers’ controlling departments.

Continuous improvements

As with any type of intelligence, learning improves output. This means that over time, SO1’s AI – continuously improved via algorithmic learning and fundamental research – automatically adapts to better understand what your customers want in order to further optimize the promotions being offered.

Pilot So1 yourself!


Leader among AI solutions

SO1 outperformed a global retail consultancy in a robust AB test setting. The consultancy applied individual coupons via email to loyalty card holders of a large US supermarket chain. These results were compared to the acceptance of offers provided by SO1.

SO1’s Smart Email Recommendations exceeded the retail consultancy’s own AI solution in all individual user segments (little/no, medium, extensive purchase data available).


Dramatic uplift against heuristic solutions

We directly compared SO1’s Optimized Discounts Solution to retailers’ experts’ approach of heuristic targeting. The result was astonishing: on average, total discounts granted to customers were 60% lower per product with SO1 – and redemption rates were 8 times higher.


Increase the ROI of your brand promotions

Thanks to our advanced targeting, recommendation and discount optimization capabilities, we have the capacity to drastically increase the ROI of brand promotions compared to circulars, coupons, and free standing inserts.

Brand promotion ROI via SO1 compared
to conventional promotion channels:

Streamline your operations

No more costly advertising misfires, and no more unread promotional catalogues landing directly in the paper bin. Instead, integrating SO1’s fully automated system streamlines the process of producing targeted offers with optimized discounts, ensuring a more sensible allocation of your resources.